So you got a new domain

And you're constantly checking the stats — you deserve a reward!

Now that you're in the online industry, we'll make your work a bit easier on building, growing and maintaining your website.

Number #1

Build a website

You'll either need a theme for your Wordpress site, fonts, icons or stock photography. A great place to start is getting the Free Goods of the Week™ provided by Creative Market. All you need to do is signup and download them every week!



Number #2

Drive traffic to it

Now that your website is ready, you need to get it out there. You'll need to learn a thing or two about online marketing, SEO, content and social media.

Content is king

Hey... if Bill Gates said it, it must be true, right? It all starts with the content of your website. No matter how you manage to drive traffic to your website, you'll need to keep your visitors interested and then make them come back. Keep creating new content and visitors will come back. Also think about Search Engines - the more pages you put up online, the more you increase your chances of getting noticed.

Build a community

Nowadays it's easy to gather people in the same place. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - all these virtual playgrounds allow you to build a community with the effort of only a few clicks. First, start by sharing your website all over the place, but also contribute to the community with useful resources you find online. Soon everyone will gather around you!

Invest in marketing

While marketing has many shapes, the one that you can have the most control over is Online Marketing. Here, it's all about numbers. Each new user, click and visit is beautifully crunched in your stats so you can do the maths and plan accordingly. Start with Google AdWords, then move on to Facebook Ads and then... the sky is the limit!

Number #3

Take a break

Proud of your work? You sure deserve a little treat! Rumour goes that everyone wants one of these...